Welcome to our life reboot. My wife and I made a decision in mid 2017 to take a different approach to the second half of our lives. We have packed up and moved out of Houston, TX to the wonderful state of Washington. Prior to looking for employment again, we will be taking some time to grow stronger as a couple and embrace nature. The journey begins with us venturing off on a 5+ month hike on the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT). This journey will take us from Campo, CA @ the boarder of Mexico and California to Manning Park @ the boarder of Canada and Washington. We expect this journey to realign our priorities in life and bless us with the beauties of the Pacific states.

In addition to the reboot of our lives, I’m going to do this as a challenge to myself as a 49-year-old diabetic.

My wife and I will begin our journey on April 3rd. The preparation has been daunting. How many Dexcom sensors will I need? How many Medtronic infusion sets will I need? How will I keep my insulin strong during the extremely hot desert stretch? How many test strips, insulin vials, and insulin pens (if my pump breaks) will I need? Pack glucagon in case I have a need for insulin reaction rescue. Pack candies to address insulin reactions.

All in, the weight of my medical and insulin-reaction-related supplies may run as much or more than 3 lbs during certain stretches of the hike. When we try to keep our weight of base hiking equipment, food and water to 30-35 lbs, this creates challenges. Regardless of these challenges, Diane and I are ready to face this together.

One last wrinkle to throw into this adventure . . . our hike begins 3 months to the date of surgery to the second metatarsal on my left foot. This has prevented me from training the way I had hoped, but the foot is feeling strong after therapy and some training. Luckily I had a foundation of being in fairly good shape. Here’s to the challenge and adventure of a lifetime!!

If you’d like to follow us, come back to our site to see updated blogs of our PCT hike in 2018.