Early in 2017, my wife and I had thoughts of doing the John Muir Trail (JMT).  We began watching YouTube hikers and their journey on the JMT.  My wife came across ‘ChocolateBalls’ on YouTube.  He was a 2017 hiker of the Pacific Crest Trail (PCT)…thus begins the enlightening of all that the PCT has to offer.  We enjoyed watching his journey along with others (Dutch and Homemade Wanderlust).  We are avid lovers of the outdoors and enjoy hiking.  With our son off to college out of state and our desire to leave the south to move to Washington, we made a decision to sell our home, move up to Washington and take a sabbatical as we hike the PCT in 2018.  We are excited to join other PCT adventurers, as we all face the challenge of a lifetime.  Beginning April 3, we will start our Journey…here’s to our Life Reboot!